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This section is still in the early stages of preparation and I have a great deal of planning and work to do. I apologise but if you have any questions regarding Herne or Herne Bay and their history, however, please contact me and I′ll see if I can help.

This section on the village of Herne was never going to be part of my website, but it′s where my great-great-great grandparents owned a farm, my great-great grandparents were market gardeners and where my great grandfather was born so, I suppose, it has played a great (no pun intended) part in my family history.

AS my ancestry is, mainly, Kent, I picked up a good deal of knowledge and information on Herne, in doing my research so it makes sense to add this to my website. That was the easy bit because of all the work I had done over twenty-five years. It doesn′t look much on-line, perhaps, well, not at the moment, but it looks a lot more with three shelves, each twelve feet long (that′s 3.6576 metres, for the politically correct or, if you prefer a more user-freindly measurement, roughly 19.2 bananas - taking the average length of a banana as being 7.5 inches or 190.5 millimetres) and each of these shelves is filled with box folders and files, plus I have a two-drawer steel filing cabinet and a very large wooden desk with five drawers - all filled with files.

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