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000 - Introduction

001 - Geographical History - The Position of the Village; Almost an island; The Bridges and the Streams; The End of the Last Ice Age; Origin of the name "Hooe"; Hooe in the Domesday Book; The Salt-pans; The floods of 1283 and 1294; Climate Change; the "Little Ice Ages" & the "Medieval Warm period"

002 - Administration - Introduction; The Stopping-up of Barnhorne Road; The Parish Room/Village Hall

003 - The Parish and the Poor

004 - The Village Population - Introduction; From 1600-1800; The Censuses of 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, and 1901; Birth, Marriage, and Burial records

005 - Village Occupations - Introduction; Millers and Mills;

006 - Hooe in Old Directories - Introduction; The Directories - Bexhill Almanac; Kelly's; Melville & Co.; P.O. Directory; Bexhill Directory and Almanack

007 - Life in the Village - Introduction: House names & owners - c1938;

008 - Land, Manors, & Marshland Transactions

009 - Marriages (from the Newspapers) - Introduction; Index of marriages

010 - Bereavements (from the Newspapers) - Introduction; Index of bereavements

011 - Hooe Wills (Prior to 1900)

012 - Some Hooe Families - Introduction; Noakes

013 - The Church of St. Oswald - Introduction; Why so far from the village?; The re-dedication from St. James to St. Oswald;

014 - The Hooe Bridges

015 - Hooe Buildings - Past and Present

016 - Royal Events - Introduction; Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, King George V Silver Jubilee 1910-1935

017 - Hooe Events in History - Introduction; The Great Plague of 1665; The Tithe "Riot" of 1932 and the Burning of the Effigy of Lord St. Audries.

018 - Hooe Social Events & Organisations - The Village Band, Hooe Fair, The Flower Show, Boy Scouts & Girl Guides, Hooe Primrose League, The Hospitals, St John's Ambulance Brigade, Hooe Football Club, Hooe Cricket Club, Hooe Women's Institute, Lantern Slide Lectures, Hooe Coronation Playing Field, The "Bonfire Boys", Whist Drives, Dances and Dance Bands, Christmas Parties and School Treats, Old Folks′ Parties

019 - Hooe National School - The Building - Introduction - A Brief History of Education; Mrs Croft's Girls' Boarding School; The Plans and the Building of the School; The School's closing-down and Sale of the Building;The Mystery of School House & School Farm

020 - Hooe School People, Matters, & Problems - Introduction; The Teachers; School Photographs; The Head Teachers; The Tragic Death of Godfrey Wolfe; The School Log Books

021 - Hooe Inquests

022 - Ditches & Sewers

023 - Crime & Policing Hooe

024 - Hooe in Old Postcards & Photographs - Introduction; Hooe Windmill; The Bell House; Hooe Mil; Some Millers of Hooe; Some Old Residences; Hooe Lodge; The Old Workhouse; Hooe Post Office; Junction Garden; Savin Cottage and Spring Cottage; James Esdaile, Treasurer, Worrall's Charity - 1798 1803; The Lamb Inn; The Red Lion

025 - The Boer War - Introduction; A Brief History of the War; Extracts from the newspapers; Extracts from the School Log Books; Pretoria Day; The Declaration of Peace

026 - World War I (1914–1919) and Hooe - Introduction; The Volunteers, The Villagers who gave their lives, The Memorial (1921 - 1923);

027 - World War II (1939–1945) and Hooe - Introduction; The War Memorial – 1939-1945; Those who did not come back

028 - General extracts, taken from the Bexhill Observer, and relating to Hooe

029 - General extracts, taken from the Bexhill Chronicle, and relating to Hooe

030 - Death of my Grandfather - Introduction; the fatal accident as reported in the Bexhill observer; various articles relating to the his life, his service to the the Parish and the Church community; reports of the funeral service and of the in memoriam servcies

031 - Hooe, as seen through the Eyes of Others

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