The picture below was scanned into the computer from a postcard among my grandfather's scrapbooks and paperwork. The faces of the individuals can be made out quite clearly and may be of interest to someone.

The photograph, in the book, is entitled


Hooe School -1916

I found, among my grandfather's paperwork, a list he had produced, of pupils which, it seems, might be the original, intended order in which the pupils were to stand for this photograph. Certainly, the names seem to fit the sex of the child for most of each row with just a few differences. The order, if this is what it is, may have been changed for reasons of illness or at the photographer's request. Perhaps, we'll never know!

{JWN: The above photograph was found in one of my grandfather's scrapbooks and with it were several pieces of paper, all undated. One of these showed a rough, hand-drawn layout, of people, identified by name. and the position of the names almost exactly fitted the position of the pupils in the above photograph. I am sure that this piece of paper shows my grandfather's intended plan as to which pupils would stand where, when being photographed. Of course, I can't be certain and thgere are differences but one could expect that with a school photograph, especially taking into account the year.

Some of the problems are: Marjorie Grant appears twice on the list and my grandmother, Mrs Newport, and Miss Tibballs, (Assistant Teacher), aren't, strictly speaking, in the right row.

Also, there are seventeen children on the front row but only fourteen names on the list; however, on the bottom of the paper, there are names of children that may not have, as yet, been allocated places.

The majority of boys and girls, in each row, do closely fit the list and this is especially true in the case of those identified as "Newports" as their facial features do bear a close family likeness.

Finally, we don't know who was ill on the day nor do we know who didn't actually turn up for the photograph, anyway.

Back (First) Row

John James Newport, Frank Russell, Mark Fuller. Len Sutton, Clive Lewis, Kathleen Newport, Pearl Piper, Florie Baker, Dorothy Grant, Edna Barton, Pearl Sargent, Kathleen Pilbeam, Agnes Sargent, Dolly Piper, Mrs Newport, Miss Tibballs.

Second Row

Lewis Pocock, Cyril Rolf, Jeffrey Brand, Charlie Smith, Stonestreet, Will Farmer, Edgar Smith, Walter Smith, Doris Smith, Muriel Clifton, Frances Sargent, Marjorie Grant (?), Kathleen Moore, Connie Newport, Dorothy Farmer, Cecil Smith, Arthur Carey, Eric Luck

Third Row

Ada Sinden, Shepherd Luck, Fred Baker, Stewart Morris, Ronald Barton, Charlie Sargent, Cyril Munn, Jack Lewes, Horace Munn, Ruby Smith, Dora Baker, Mary Amos, Florie Vitler, , Marjorie Grant, Lily Newport, Carrie Moore, Sheila Baker, Joe Fuller, Stafford Luck

Front Row (Fourth)

Flossie Carey, Lambert Morris, Harold Stonestreet, Molly Luck, Oswald Newport, Leslie Clifton, Eddy Piper, Dorothy Grant (?), Kathleen Collins, Harold Freeman, Ernie Stubberfield, Alfred Ransinvale, Ivy Luck, Lily Pocock

The children listed at the bottom but not on the plan are: -

Percy Brand, Bertie Brand, Reta (Rita?) Hutchinson, Jim and Bob Sargent, Stanley Russell, Dolly Pescod. Also, on the bottom of the list, as well as in the plan, are - Marjorie and Dorothy Grant.

Finally, something of interest is that most of the children have metal studs, of various types and sizes, in the soles and heels of their shoes, so as to save wear. Shoes would have been a very expensive item in those days, especially for the ordinary worker, such as an agricultural labourer or working farmhand but, probably, of far better quality than to-day's mass-produced footwear. However, if you couldn't afford the shoes in the first place the quality wouldn't really matter.