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My Grandfather and the "Records of Hooe"

There are no chapters in this book but there are a very large number of headed paragraphs so I considered using "bookmarks" to make it easier to select and go to a particular paragraph of your choice but, when I realised the amount of bookmarks necessary, I "chickened out!". Instead, I have split the contents, listed below, into four sections with each section containing roughly a quarter of the book, from there, the "Find" button (or whatever you have) will take you to the paragraph in which you are interested.

Section 1

Foreword. Preface, Records of Hooe; Salt-Pans; Physical Features; Origin of the name "Hooe"; The Spelling of the Name; The Saxon Manor; Changes; Royal Owners; Old Parish Books; The Parish Rates; Magistrates who signed in the 17th century; 18th Century; 18th and 19th Centuries; Estates and Ratepayers; The Poor Rate: Its Application; Boarding out; Financial Years; Allowances and Grants; Prefaces to Assessment Lists and Returns of Payments; Paupers of 1663, 1664; The Gowin Boys; George Dowst; John Fowler; Goody Cheeseman; Other Expenses, 1663, 1664; Other Human Stories; Widow Thornton; Widow Cordell; Widow Toorle The man who was not wanted; Goody Wootton (1687); Of no use to the Parish; Stephen Doust and Family; Some Paupers' Rents Paid; Bridge-Building and Repairing; Home Bridge; Exsett Bridge; Sewers Bridge; Waterlot Bridge; Stone Bridge; Horse Bridge; Other Bridges; Inventories of Paupers Goods; A Sale of Goods, 1705; Sales, etc.; A Doctor's Duties; Some Medical and Nursing Expenses; Some Miscellaneous Entries; Money Lending, (1814); Meat Prices; Corn Prices; Food Prices; Bedsteads and Bedding; Firewood; Coal from Bexhil; Taxes; Travelling and Transport; Principal Estates, 1663-1665; Copy of a return made in 1834; Expenditure for the Relief of the Poor; Amount of Poor Rate collected; Number of Paupers of All Classes in the Parish; Some Spelling; Hooe Common: The Parish Farm; Employment and Pay for the Poor (1828-1835); Other poor relief before 1834; Other Entries; Occupation of Villagers, 1600-1800; Fines for Cattle-Straying;

Section 2

Voters' Lists; A Workhouse Master's Agreement; Other Workhouse Masters and a Mistress; "Settlers" and Gipsies; Hooe Constables; Constables' Names; Assistant Overseers; Clerks to the Parish Council; Hooe Stocks; A Ducking Pond (?); Hooe Haven; The Great Plague; The Poor Rate 1699; Special Expenses, 1699; Some Questions re: 1699 Special Expenses; The Great Storm, 1703; The Great Earthquake, 1755; The Church Rate; its application; Churchwardens' Accounts; Holy Communion and Communicants; A Carpet of Silk; Sundry Mats; An Altar; Surplices; Books; Furniture; The Royal Arms; Other Expenditure; Roof and Wall Repairs; Clerk 's Wages; Church Cleaning; Lighting and Heating; Seating; Court Fees and Expenses; The Bells and Bellringers; Re "Gosblock"; The Churchyard Hedge; Almsgiving; Payments for Killing Vermin; Confirmations; Pensions; Taxes; Tithe; Rent; Sundry Other Payments; Annual Church Expenditure; Church Alms and Poor Relief (1670-1705); Law Expenses; The Church House; The Church Field; Another Law Case; Regular Clergy and Secular Clergy; Parsonage Farm; The Vicarage; Nordy, or Northeye Chapel; Bee Abbey; St. Mary-in-the-Castle Hastings; Parsons and Vicars of Hooe; The Highway Rate: Its Application; The Surveyors' Books; Lower's Statistics; Buildings of the Past; The Bell House; Hooe Mill; Hooe Windmill; Some Millers of Hooe; Some Old Residences; Hooe Lodge; Holmes's; Holmes Farm House Pen Sketch 1899; Holmes Farm House - Photo 1989;

Section 3

Some Old Residences (cont); The Grove; Grove farm house - Photo 1989; Court Lodge; Oldbury; Church Farm; Hope Farm House; Eastons Farm House; Denby 's Farm; The Old Workhouse; Cheyneys; Brickyard Farm; Hooe Post Office; Junction Garden; Sandhill Farm; Savin Cottage and Spring Cottage; This Page 70 Contains One Photograph And One Drawing; The Ashburnham Family and Hooe; Parish Meetings; Hooe Parish Council; Parish Councils and Parish Records; Hooe Parish Property; Hooe Fair; Hooe Club; Hooe Smugglers; "Beating the Bounds"; Stained Glass; Stained Glass Sold at Strawberry Hill; St. Margaret's Chapel; St. Margaret; St. Martin; St. Oswald, Patron Saint of Hooe; Hooe Church: Its Position; The Vestry; The Old Muniment Chest; The Pewter Sprinkling Basin; The Church Registers; Interesting Entries in the Church Register; Church Restoration, 1899 - Reredos, Etc; Lord Hoo and Hastings; "South" Church Lane; Hooe Churchyard; A Missionary meeting for Men; Hooe Temperance Society and Band of Hope; Hooe Scripture Union; Hooe Sowers' Band; Hooe Religious Revival (1905); Sundry Notes; Hooe School; Extracts from the School Log Books; Hooe School 1916 Picture Taken Outside Entrance And Cloakroom; The Head Teachers; Educational Statistics; Hooe Reading Room; Hooe Hop Gardens; Hooe Diamond Jubilee Celebration; A Diamond Jubilee Hymn; Queen Victoria Memorial Services; Hooe Choral Society; The Primrose League; Hooe Salvation Army Fort; Hooe Village Hall; Hooe Boy Scouts; Boy Scouts; Hooe First-Aiders; Hooe Village Band; Hooe Flower Show; Coronation Celebrations; Other Publications by J. J. Newport

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