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Illustrated History of Hooe Church (1898)

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In 1898, my grandfather, produced what was to be the first of three editions of a book on the history of St Oswald's Church, Hooe. I have a copy of the first edition, which is, now, after 110 years, dog-eared, discoloured, spotted, and, generally, in a sad state – but it is still quite readable and I have managed to scan into the computer reasonable images of each page.

My grandfather says, in the postscript to the first edition, that it all started when he could find no answer to a simple question regarding the church. One wonders whether he would have ever written the book if the question had been answered!

The book was all hand-written by my grandfather who, also, produced all the drawings and sketches. He then printed each copy, by hand, using a small, rotary hand press - rather like, at least I imagine, an old-fashioned washing mangle - for those, that is, who can remember such pieces of laundering equipment! I can and loved to use my mother′s just to see all the water oozing out of the washing. Unfortunately, it could break the buttons on my shirts and other things, if tightened too much, but it got more water out!

Looking at the pages of this small book, I think about the time and effort he must have put into it. He, obviously, enjoyed history, and local history gave him the chance to research and write down a small part of England's history that was all his to do; I get the same feeling, with researching my family history, that he must have got.

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