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Title 1898


This edition, published around the end of the 1980s, was the third of a total of three editions written by my grandfather. The first hand-written, hand-published, hand-distributed edition was produced in 1898.

Section 1 - Front Covers from all three editions, Frontispiece, Flyleaf, etc.
Cover of the First Edition (1898); Cover of the Second Edition (1899); Cover of the Third Edition (1986) Frontispiece to the Third Edition; Flyleaf - St. Oswald's Church; The Fourth Bell with Inscription - "Generously given by Messers. Mears and Steinbank, Church Bell Foundry, London, E."

Section 2 - Prefaces, Notes, etc. (Pages 1 - 3)
Explanatory Notes, Preface to the Third Edition, Preface to the Second Edition, Postscript to the First Edition, Notes

Section 3 - Pages 4-13 (includes the following:)
Saxon Church; Meaning of "Hooe" and Spelling; Earl Godwin, Lord of the Manor; Domesday Book and Hooe Church; Norman Destruction of the Saxon Church (?); Priory of St. Martin's-in-the-Wood; Number of Monks and their Cell; St. Martin's Marsh; The Cell given to monks at Okeburne; Hooe, a Prebend; Northeye Chapel; The Patron Saint; The Church and the Village; The Grove; The Prebend Divided; Trials, Poverty and Changes; Royal and Noble Owners - Sir Thomas Hoo; Prebends held by one person; The Prebend ceased in 1537; Military Clergy; Revolution and Destruction; Torriano's Sermons; Torriano's Career; The Vicarage; The Present Church; The Present Church - Its Age; Some Corbells and their Story; A Former Light; The Chancel, Piscina, Sedilium; Stained Glass; The Vestry - A Lady Chapel (?); Gothic Work; The Reredos; The Vestry; The Nave; A Rood Loft;

Section 4 - Pages 14-21 (includes the following:)
A Piscina in the Nave; Burials in the Church; Frescoes and Carving; The Font (probably Saxon); A Stoup on a Pedestal; The Porch; The Tower - a good specimen of Perpendicular Style; Restoration in 1899; A Singing Gallery; The Bells; Restoration in 1890; Brasses; A Muniment Chest; Old Keys

Section 5 - Pages 22-27 (includes the following:)
The Church Registers; A Sun-dial; Derivation of Sundry Terms; A List Of The Vicars Of Hooe; The New Song of Hooe Church Bells; A Message of the Bells; Plan of St. Oswald's Church

Section 6 - Pages 28-37 (includes the following:)
Distances From Hooe Post Office; Burials in Churches - Appendix A; The Royal Arms in Churches - Appendix B; St. Mary-in-the--Castle, Hastings - Appendix C; Eu - Appendix D; Bec Abbey - Appendix E; An Anglo-Saxon Church at Hooe - APPENDIX F; The Old Chest - Appendix G; Canons of Holy Trinity, Hastings - APPENDIX H; Church Bells - Appendix K; Appendix L ;Chancels - Appendix M; Stained Glass - Appendix N; Appendix O; Miscellanea - Appendix; Summary Of Dates; Notes Of Prebends And Vicars.

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